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Scientists are Trying To Bottle Solar Energy and Turn It Into Liquid Fuel

“A solar thermal fuel is like a rechargeable battery, but instead of electricity you put sunlight in and get heat out.”   By: Wayt Gibbs What if we could bottle solar energy so it could be used to power our homes and factories even when the sun doesn’t shine? Scientists have spent decades looking for a way […]

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After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico May Shift To 100% Renewable Energy

After Hurricane Maria left many on the island without electricity for nearly a year, politicians are leaning toward a more sustainable and resilient way to power Puerto Rico. BY: Adele Peters After Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico’s power grid, causing the longest blackout in U.S. history, it ignited a new push for renewable energy–a solution that could be […]

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School District Soars Into The Future On Solar Energy

By: Bay Stephens BIG SKY – The spring of 2017 saw the installation of Big Sky School District’s 7.125 kW solar photovoltaic array on the south-facing roof of Ophir School. The system—an array of solar panels that looks down on the playground—along with a digital kiosk run by Bonneville Environmental Foundation displaying the energy data, […]

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A Solar Cell That Does Double Duty For Renewable Energy

In the quest for abundant, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, scientists have sought to harvest the sun’s energy through “water splitting,” an artificial photosynthesis technique that uses sunlight to generate hydrogen fuel from water. But water-splitting devices have yet to live up to their potential because there still isn’t a design for materials with the […]

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Industry to Open a New Front in Rooftop Energy Revolution

By: Angela Macdonald-Smith When Primo Smallgoods decided to install the country’s largest rooftop solar array, it wasn’t thinking of anarchy, nor of saving the world or going off-grid. It was just rational economics. “This made sense up in Queensland: there’s a lot of sunshine and the roof is very large. It all stacked up to […]

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