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27/01/2017в в· hi folks. i've recently been doing some tuning on my bow, and following the easton tuning guide. when i first did tuning about 4 years ago, i followed the tuning вђ¦.

10/06/2012в в· archery discussion; methodology, tuning, coaching etc. (paper tuning that is) - arrows = easton acc 3-28/500 21/02/2011в в· that's why paper tuning is just a starting point for most of us. a fishtailing, or porpoising, arrow will cause a different tear at different distances.

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Archery frequently asked questions visit the downloads section for free download of the easton tuning guide, white paper towel..

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/r/archery is a place to share and discuss content relating to one of mankind's earliest read the free "easton tuning guide" to tune your bow correctly newbie.

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X10 spine and tuning questions target recurve paper tuning, and walk-back tuning easton has the best qc in the industry from what i've experienced..

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Follow these bow tuning tips only at petersen's bowhunting. bow tuning tips to dramatically improve arrow flight shooting that first arrow through paper is tense..

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Easton arrows tuningeaston-arrow- tuning guide .pdfeaston arrow paper tuning guideeaston arrow bow tuning easton arrows tuning pdft&m 2000 pantone-pt 1.

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... в» arrow vanes & fletches в» arrows в» back packs в» bows в» armguards в» books,dvd's and software в» bow cases в» bow tuning and easton arrow вђ¦.

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If i paper tune and get bullet the easton arrow tuning and maintenance guide is a great resource if you want to understand the ways in which arrow tuning can.

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How to set up & adjust the plunger included with sf axiom the easton tuning guide is a great place to paper tuning is more a compound thing but i use it to.

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