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Free Solar Power in Outdoor Spaces: How a Few Companies are Leading the Charge

By Jim Innes With the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) encouraging colleges to incorporate green technology and a growing number of government grants awarded to universities to install solar-power solutions, campuses are looking beyond solar panel installations on buildings. As consumers become more dependent on laptops and tablets, staying connected […]

Solar Energy Non-Profit Delivers Alternative Energy To Low-Income Neighborhoods

Residential solar power has become increasingly affordable over the past few years as an environmentally friendly, cost-saving alternative to traditionally sources of energy. But the barriers to entry can still be too high for low-income communities, which is where solar non-profits like GRID Alternatives come in. The organization helps identify neighborhoods that could benefit from […]

Street Charge solar powered charging stations in New York

We live in a day and age where having a smartphone is more or less a compulsory device to own, and a tablet is a bonus. The thing is, you would need to keep those gadgets juiced up every day in order to maximize their use, and while I am quite sure that most of […]

Solar-Powered Bikini Soaks Up the Rays

Solar–Powered Bikini Soaks Up the Rays, Powers Your iPod Ready to hit the beach? Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Schneider is now taking orders for his solar-powered bikini. Capable of charging your cellphone or MP3 player, the¬†high-tech swimsuit comprises thin, flexible photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors, woven together with conductive thread. Each bikini, coming in at […]