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Scientists Discover How to Generate Solar Power in the Dark

By Todd Woody The next big thing in solar energy could be microscopic. Scientists at MIT and Harvard University have devised a way to store solar energy in molecules that can then be tapped to heat homes, water or used for cooking. The best part: The molecules can store the heat forever and be endlessly […]

Los Alamos Catalyst could Jumpstart E-Cars, Green Energy

The new material has the highest oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity in alkaline media of any non-precious metal catalyst developed to date. LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico, June 4, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have designed a new type of nanostructured-carbon-based catalyst that could pave the way for reliable, economical next-generation batteries and alkaline fuel cells, […]

University of Georgia Stops Plant Photosynthesis to Generate Solar Power

There’s a more efficient way to harvest energy from the backyard than by wiring up hapless critters. Researchers at the University of Georgia have proof: they’ve discovered a way to generate electricity from plants through hijacking the photosynthesis process. By altering the proteins inside a plant cell’s thylakoids, which store solar energy, scientists can intercept […]

New carbon films improve prospects of solar energy devices

New research by Yale University scientists helps pave the way for the next generation of solar cells, a renewable energy technology that directly converts solar energy into electricity. In a pair of recent papers, Yale engineers report a novel and cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells through the application of […]

New Solar Cell Converts Infrared Light to Electricity

  Guest Post   Traditional solar cells, most of which are based on crystalline silicon, are only able to make useful electricity of solar radiation in the visible range. A research team at MIT led by professor Michael Strano has just announced that they have successfully created a solar cell based on carbon that converts […]