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China Wind Power Capacity Jumps to Record High

China boosted its installed wind energy capacity last year to a record 19.81 million kilowatts as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter tries to switch its power grid to cleaner energy sources. The National Energy Administration said Thursday that wind farms produced 153.4 billion kilowatt hours of electric power in 2014, making up 2.8 percent […]

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GE Signs Its Largest Wind Turbine Deal in China

By: Andrew Burger Renewable energy resources are bound to play a larger and larger role in China’s energy mix as the world’s second largest economy – and largest emitter of greenhouse gases – strives to reduce pollution and forge a healthier, more sustainable economy and society. Renewable energy technology also is playing a growing role […]

Wind-turbine designers are warming up to an alternative to the three-bladed rotors

By Peter Fairley Several major wind-power companies are testing a departure from the industry’s standard three-bladed turbine design by dropping one of the three blades and spinning the rotor 180 degrees to face downwind. The design presents engineering challenges, but the hope is that it could greatly improve the economics of offshore wind power. By […]

This startup says it can make the world’s cheapest solar panels

By Katie Fehrenbacher An eight-year-old startup that has survived hard times and a major pivot has set a new world-record goal for itself: making the world’s cheapest solar panels at $0.28 per watt, whether that’s in the U.S. or in China. The company’s name is Siva Power (originally founded with the name Solexant) and it […]

PV sector leads in global renewable energy employment

By:  Edgar Meza The solar sector accounts for 35% of all renewable energy jobs worldwide, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. China in particular has seen a sharp increase in photovoltaic employment. The photovoltaic sector has become the biggest employer in the global renewable energy field, according to a new report by the International […]