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Pairing Wind + Solar for Cheaper, 24-Hour Renewable Energy

A unique power project in Ohio will take advantage of solar’s midday burst of energy and wind’s all-day power to provide more consistent clean energy to the grid. BY: DAN GEARINO Along a country road east of Lima, Ohio, a company is preparing to build one of the world’s largest renewable energy projects that pairs […]

New Push To Target Low-Income Communities For Solar Projects

By: Tom Johnson Low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans have for the most part been left out of growing renewable-energy developments in the state. That may be about to change. At least half of a new community solar program will be targeted to low- and moderate-income populations that have been largely left out of the huge […]

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New Tool Diagnoses ‘Sick’ Solar Panels In Real-Time

BY: KAYLA WILES-PURDUE Researchers have created a new tool that analyzes how well a solar farm is generating electricity. Diagnosing degraded, or “diseased,” solar panels would contribute to lower electric bills on clean energy and cut manufacturing costs. Companies and governments have regularly invested in solar farms and lost money when weather degradation unexpectedly cut […]

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Facebook Pledges to Buy 100% Renewable Energy by 2020

The social media company has upped its ambitions in the midst of the biggest year yet for corporate renewables. By: Julian Spector Facebook committed Tuesday to contract renewable energy for all of its electricity consumption by 2020. The social media giant consumes an ample amount of electricity to power its data centers around the world. The company […]

The World’s Largest Solar Farm Rises in the Remote Egyptian Desert

By: Rachel Scheier   In 1913 on the outskirts of Cairo, an inventor from Philadelphia named Frank Shuman built the world’s first solar thermal power station, using the abundant Egyptian sunshine to pump 6,000 gallons of water a minute from the Nile to irrigate a nearby cotton field. World War I and the discovery of cheap oil […]