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Newest Innovating Green Building Materials

Each and every year, new and intriguing green building materials that promise energy efficiency and performance hit the market surrounded by quite a bit of buzz. Technology drives much of the innovation when it comes to green building materials, and many of the latest products on the market increase the use of reusable, recyclable materials. […]

Street Smarts In Chicago

A two-mile stretch of Chicago’s gritty Cermak Road has undergone a $16 million renovation that make it one of the world’s greenest. Check out the cement that eats smog! Courtesy: Tweet

The Greenest Foundation

Guest Post If the greenest building is the one that’s already built, as stated by architect Carl Elefante, the greenest foundation is the one you’ve got – even if it’s showing signs of distress. When confronted with a foundation that has a bowed or buckled walls or that has severe settlement problems, many contractors recommend […]

My House Is Deconstructing!

Here’s a bulletin: building materials account for a big 40% of the waste in the U.S….so the emphasis on demolition of our aging structures is shifting to deconstruction, where doors, windows, sinks, hardwood floors (the list goes on and on) are being rescued, sold at terrific prices, and reused. Courtesy: Tweet

Is It Hot In Here? Sizing HVAC to Fit Your Home

Heating and cooling a home takes up a big chunk of a homeowner’s energy dollars, but new HVAC systems have improved in their energy efficiency. Still, a lot of factors go into finding the perfectly-sized system for your home. And don’t forget to hire a professional HVAC contractor!   Courtesy: Tweet