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Energy Efficient Wall Ideas for Green Home-owners

Staying green by trying to save up on energy is not as difficult as it may sound. There are plenty ways of staying green while cutting costs and much hope exists when it comes to saving our planet in the near future, bit by bit. Walls are, as you know, the outer casing of a […]

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Free Panels Place Solar Power Within Reach for Kiwis

By: Tess McClure Solar panels will be a more common sight on kiwi rooftops as free panels are offered for those committing to buying the energy. Energy firm Solarcity has announced a nationwide scheme where home owners can get solar panels installed on their roof for free, if they then buy the energy it produces. […]

Save Money With These Great Green Energy Tips

Green energy can have many rewards. Well, it can help lower your monthly bills because you won’t need to rely as heavily on the city’s electrical grid, plus it helps the environment. How do you approach going green? Read the tips in the following article for ways for you to help. Shade your windows from […]

Tips and Tricks that Could Help to Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

We all want to know how to save money; this is a fact. We try to buy sensibly in the supermarket when we are doing our weekly shop; some of us even collect coupons. We shop around on the internet for the best deal on a pair of shoes or even a car; so why […]

Saving Energy in the Home

Ever wanted to know how changing the way you cook your potatoes could save you pounds? There are so many ways the average household can be more energy efficient; from being clever with your kettle to shacking up with the nearest willing man or woman, Ovo Energy gives you the low down of our top […]