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Fukushima, Japan Rebuilding Communities with Solar, Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2040

Junko Movellan   San Diego, Calif. — Fukushima experienced the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl when a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit three years ago. Now, the region is trying to turn the “lost landscape” into massive renewable energy fields. The prefecture has declared “zero dependency on nuclear energy” and created a goal to meet […]

Japan Plants Renewable Energy Village in Fukushima’s Contaminated Farmland

By Jeremy Hsu A Renewable Energy Village has taken root in farmland contaminated by radiation fallout from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster. The project’s vision of combining solar panels with growing crops aims to inspire Japanese farmers to reclaim their abandoned livelihoods. The community-run project in the city of Minamisoma already has 120 solar […]

Japan to replace nuclear plant with world’s largest wind farm

Officials in Japan have announced plans for building the largest wind farm in the world, ten miles off the coast of Fukushima – site of the nuclear disaster that followed the earthquake and tsunami that struck the island nation in 2011. Projections call for developing a wind farm capable of producing 1 gigawatt of power. […]

Robot-Installed Solar Panels Cut Costs by 50%

Solar panels are obeying the will of Moore’s Law by getting ever cheaper and more efficient. What’s not getting cheaper or more efficient is the human labor required to install them. This keeps the cost of going solar higher than us duck-squeezing envirinmintl types would like, but robots are busy coming to our rescue by […]

Large-scale solar power takes off in Japan

Toshiba is entering Japan’s burgeoning renewables market with one of the country’s largest solar projects, in the tsunami-hit city of Minamisoma in Fukushima Prefecture. The industrial giant and the city authorities will jointly invest $380 million to build mega solar power plants as part of the reconstruction of the city, which was severely damaged by […]