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Driverless And Green Cars To Dominate 2017

By: Leonora Puno PITTSBURGH, PA – SEPTEMBER 22: Uber driverless Ford Fusions sit in the Uber Technical Center parking lot on September, 22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Uber has built its Uber Technical Center in Pittsburgh and is developing an autonomous vehicle that it hopes will be able to transport its millions of clients without the […]

Google Hits its Renewable Energy Goals

The company announced it has amassed enough renewable energy to offset its massive electricity use. By: Michael Lietke SAN FRANCISCO—Google is crossing a milestone in its quest to reduce pollution caused by its digital services that devour massive amounts of electricity. The company says it believes that beginning next year, it will have amassed enough renewable […]

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Google Makes Big Clean Energy Purchase to Power Data Centers

Mountain View says its purchase of 842 megawatts is the largest ever by a non-utility company. By: Billy Steele Powering #Google‘s online empire takes a lot of energy, and the company wants to use all clean sources to run its data centers by 2025. The company announced the next step towards that milestone today with […]

South African Prototype may solve Solar Power Problem

By thinking small, a group of South African scientists may have pioneered solar technology that has stumped Internet giant Google. The Helio100 project, based at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province, is a cost-effective heliostat that harnesses solar power to generate electricity. A heliostat uses mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight, concentrating the solar […]

Google Maps can now tell you if it’s worth installing solar panels on your roof

By: Loren Grush Google wants to help you harness the power of the sun. A new service called Project Sunroof aims to provide a “treasure map” of solar energy with the help of Google Maps. Sunroof gives homeowners detailed information about how much solar power their roof can generate and how much money they could […]