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T-Mobile will power its Washington headquarters with 100% renewable energy by 2021

By: Kelly Pickerel T-Mobile announced it has signed on to Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Green Direct program, giving the company access to a blend of local wind and solar renewable energy sources, which will be used to power its Bellevue, Washington, headquarters with 100% renewable energy by 2021. This move will help the Un-carrier save millions […]

‘Renewables Capital of Australia’? Port Augusta Shows Off Its Green Energy Credentials

By: Stephen Long Driving towards Port Augusta, a luminous white light appears on a concrete shaft to the side of the highway. The giant light is a receiver; it sits among a sea of mirrors which beam the sun onto it, producing intense heat that creates steam, turns a turbine, and makes electricity. It’s known […]

What If You Could Pick Your Renewable Power Source And Pay Less For It?

By: Brian H. Potts Imagine if you could buy your power directly from a renewable power plant of your choice and pay less for it than you currently pay for electricity from the grid. No longer would you need to install solar panels on your roof, or buy nonspecific green energy credits to get your […]

Seeing Is Believing When It Comes To Adopting Green Energy, Study Suggests

People are more likely to invest in solar energy technology when they see it being used in their communities, U of A sociologist finds. By: Bev Betkowski Governments at all levels need to invest more heavily in promoting renewable energy if they want citizens to adopt these technologies, new research suggests. University of Alberta environmental […]

One Power Grid Solves The Green Energy Problem

    By: David Charbonneau Solar and wind energy suffer from a storage problem. They produce in abundance, often too much, when the wind blows and the sun shines. Storage of that abundance is one solution but it’s expensive and inefficient. You don’t get as much out as what you put in; like a bank […]

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