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Japan’s Abandoned Golf Courses Are Being Transformed Into Solar Power Farms

By: Amanda Froelich An abandoned and bankrupt golf course is being transformed into a solar power station by the Kyocera Corporation. Last week, the business announced it would turn the former golf course in Kyoto into a 23-megawatt solar farm; the artist’s rendition is shown above. Once the solar power farm is finished and online (in 2017), […]

Japanese billionaire plans to invest $20 billion in Indian solar power

By: Michael Graham Richard This is huge India might be short on many things, but sunlight isn’t one of those, which makes the country a perfect place for solar power. There’s starting to be some political support for the clean source of energy (India is currently very dependent on coal) up to the highest levels […]

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Japan is planning to Build Huge Floating Solar Power Plants

Japan may be short on free land space, but that’s not stopping them from investing in renewable energy. Solar panel company Kyocera Corp, Century Tokyo Leasing Corp and Ciel Terre have announced (release in Japanese) that they’re teaming up to create two huge floating solar power plants which will be up and running by April […]

Japan to have 30 Floating Solar Power Islands

By Jason Hahn   Japan has about 146,000 square miles, which is roughly the size of the state of Montana. The difference is that while Montana is home to about 1 million people, Japan squeezes about 128 million people on its land. This lack of space creates a conundrum for a country that has ambitions […]

Japan Solar Power Network to add 29 MW of rooftop solar

By: Ian Clover The Tokyo-based distributed power generation company has partnered with Beisia Corporation to fit 33 buildings with rooftop PV systems totaling 29 MW. The Solar Power Network (SPN) Japan has today announced a partnership with Beisia Corporation to install 29 MW of rooftop solar PV across 33 buildings in greater Tokyo and the […]