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Electric Vehicles to be 35% of Global New Car Sales by 2040

The electric vehicle revolution could turn out to be more dramatic than governments and oil companies have yet realized, according to new research. A new study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests that further, big reductions in battery prices lie ahead, and that during the 2020s EVs will become a more economic option than gasoline […]

Enphase plug-and-play solar energy storage system to begin pilot program

By: Lynda Delacey An interesting new player is set to enter the emerging home energy storage arena in the shape of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Enphase is billed as the world’s first integrated system that allows home users to store, monitor and manage their rooftop-generated solar electricity, while controlling their overall electricity consumption. The […]

This transparent solar-powered battery looks like a futuristic Tony Stark invention

By: Chris Smith Remember Iron Man’s transparent smartphones? They might become reality sooner than you think thanks to an unusual new type of battery that’s not only transparent, but it can also charge via solar power. The technology could also be used for other products in the future, such as smart office and home windows that […]

So, You Bought a Tesla Battery … Now What?

By: Tina Casey Telsa Motors rolled out a new energy storage system last week, and the news set the Intertubes buzzing. Tesla’s new Powerwall battery draws on the company’s considerable experience in cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries, and translates it into neat, compact units for homes and small commercial users, as well as utility-scale users. With the […]

Hawaii’s Solar Push Strains the Grid

Kauai’s utility takes a second stab at battery storage as solar heads toward 80 percent of peak power. By Peter Fairley The prospect of cheaper, petroleum-free power has lured the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) to quintuple utility-scale solar capacity over the past year, building two 12-megawatt photovoltaic arrays. These facilities are the biggest and […]

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