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Solar Panel Windows — Shiny Quantum Dots Boost Efficiency

Solar Panel Windows — Shiny Quantum Dots Boost Efficiency (via Clean Technica) Windows that can effectively and cheaply double as solar panels are getting closer and closer every day, as recent work from the Los Alamos National Laboratory shows. The new work has demonstrated that quantum dots can be utilized to great effect in… Tweet

Solar ‘Gardens’ Let Communities Share Renewable Power

In northern New Mexico the sun shines nearly every day of the year. If solar energy is going to be viable anywhere, it will be here—and a small electric cooperative in historic Taos is taking advantage of it. In addition to supporting new solar projects in its service area, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative is offering […]

Los Alamos Catalyst could Jumpstart E-Cars, Green Energy

The new material has the highest oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity in alkaline media of any non-precious metal catalyst developed to date. LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico, June 4, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have designed a new type of nanostructured-carbon-based catalyst that could pave the way for reliable, economical next-generation batteries and alkaline fuel cells, […]