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Ultra-Light, Ultra-Thin Solar Cells Offer Glimpse of the Future

By: Anmar Frangoul At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers are looking to transform the way we think about powering our lives. MIT’s Vladimir Bulovic and his team are looking to design and develop extremely lightweight – and extremely small – solar photovoltaic cells. In February last year, MIT said that Bulovic and his colleagues […]

Why Have Solar Energy Costs Fallen?

MIT team awarded U.S. Department of Energy grant to investigate cost reductions in solar energy systems. MIT researchers have been awarded a grant of nearly $1.3 million through the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative to study the reasons for solar energy’s rapid and sustained cost decline and how to continue reducing costs in the […]

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Solar Cell is More Efficient, Costs Less Than its Counterparts

The cost of solar power is beginning to reach price parity with cheaper fossil fuel-based electricity in many parts of the world, yet the clean energy source still accounts for just slightly more than 1 percent of the world’s electricity mix. Solar, or photovoltaic (PV), cells, which convert sunlight into electrical energy, have a large […]

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These Jiggling Bladeless Turbines Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

They emit less carbon and could be safer for birds. By: Elyse Wanshel Wiggle it, just a little bit. A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless makes turbines without blades that generate electricity by jiggling. Traditional turbines, which look like giant windmills, use blades to turn wind into kinetic energy that can be used as electricity. […]

An All-Liquid Battery For Storing Solar And Wind Energy

Making alternative energy cheaper and more reliable By Francie Diep You could call it a rainy-day fund. A team of MIT researchers has built an all-liquid battery prototype that’s designed to store excess energy from solar and wind power plants. When the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing, future versions of this battery could […]