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Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Here’s how.

By Heather Smith   All new technology, no matter how innovative, arrives in a world of pre-existing laws and regulations. But not all technology catches the same breaks. A company like Lyft or Uber can do its thing right out there in the open for a surprisingly long time, despite being — essentially — appified […]

Ford’s New Solar-Powered Electric Car Is Its Own Rolling Power Grid

By Adam Clark Estes Electric cars have come a long way in the past decade or two, but one glaring problem remains: you have to charge the dang things. What do you do when there aren’t enough charging stations (and there aren’t)? If you’re Ford, you build a car that charges itself. Behold, the C-MAX […]

Back to growth: SunPower to boost solar cell manufacturing by 25%

Until very recently, closing down solar factories had become a normal occurrence, a natural result of the worldwide glut of solar equipment. But now that trend is starting to reverse, and the latest evidence comes from solar cell maker SunPower, which on Wednesday said it plans to actually increase its solar cell production capacity by […]

WALL-E Goes to Work for Cheaper Solar Power

A startup in California has engineered robots to squeeze more juice from solar panels, bringing new efficiencies to a costly process QBotix robots adjust solar panels for maximum sun exposure—making solar power cheaper and more efficient. (Courtesy of QBotix) A shiny silver robot zips along a track at a county jail in Dublin, California, and […]

Walmart Erects Its First Massive Wind Turbine

Shortly after Walmart announced the installation of solar panels on its 100th store in California, a 265-foot-high wind turbine was erected in Red Bluff, bringing the retail giant one step closer to obtaining 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources. “It looks like our renewable energy strategy is going to take a lot of […]