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Floating Solar Panels Buoy Access to Clean Energy in Asia

When the worst floods in a century swept through India’s southern Kerala state in August, they killed more than 480 people and left behind more than $5 billion in damage. But one thing survived unscathed: India’s first floating solar panels, on one of the country’s largest water reservoirs. As India grapples with wilder weather, surging […]

NSW Offers Free Rooftop Solar For Low-Income Households – in Place of Energy Rebate

By: Sophie Vorrath New South Wales is seeking to boost the uptake of solar by the state’s low-income households, with the launch of a $15 million initiative that offers to install free rooftop PV in the place of a cost of living rebate. The trial scheme, announced late last month, targets families receiving the government’s Low […]

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Chernobyl Has a New Power Plant, But This Time It’s Solar

A new 1 megawatt solar plant opens a few hundred feet from the site of the 1986 disaster. By: Avery Thompson Since 2000, the power plant at Chernobyl has been inactive. Even after the infamous meltdown in 1986, the other nuclear reactors at the facility continued operating until the turn of the century. But for 18 […]

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

By: Tibi Puiu If you told the average person only thirty years ago that black panels left in the sun would generate copious amounts of electricity for homes and businesses, the likeliest reaction would have been a condescending grin. Luckily the technology to capture energy from the sun — which shines enough light on Earth’s […]

New Tool Diagnoses ‘Sick’ Solar Panels In Real-Time

BY: KAYLA WILES-PURDUE Researchers have created a new tool that analyzes how well a solar farm is generating electricity. Diagnosing degraded, or “diseased,” solar panels would contribute to lower electric bills on clean energy and cut manufacturing costs. Companies and governments have regularly invested in solar farms and lost money when weather degradation unexpectedly cut […]

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