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Solar Power Generator

Renewable energy is the way to go these days, as we see the rise of hybrid vehicles that grace the roads around the world. Of course, you can always take the greener route that touts solar energy as the panacea of all the world’s energy ills, and here is a solution that you can always […]

Benefits of Using a Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

Photo Credit: Baboon via Flicker Creative Commons Guest Post by Chris Keenan Our power grids are already overloaded, so when everyone is powering up their traditional AC system during the peak of heat, that’s when we get outages. The answer to this problem is solar power. A solar-powered AC unit lessens the dependency on an […]

“Solar Dok” solar powered outdoor charging solution

Outdoor gadget charging stations are a sort of relaxation for gadget nuts. Solar Dok is perfect solution for the gadgets running out of juice when you are on a picnic at some place far from grid energy. The umbrella on the upper part has photovoltaic cells to harness sun and below that lies a seating […]