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New study finds price of wind energy in US at an all-time low

“Wind energy prices—particularly in the central United States— are at an all-time low, with utilities selecting wind as the low cost option,” Berkeley Lab Staff Scientist Ryan Wiser said. “This is especially notable because, enabled by technology advancements, wind projects have increasingly been built in lower wind speed areas.” Key findings from the U.S. Department […]

Dutch company claims to have a wind turbine that is 80% more efficient than existent turbines.

Wind turbines might be an excellent source of renewable energy, but they have yet to become a residential feature due to one thing – the noise. Thankfully, a Rotterdam-based company called The Archimedes claims to have a solution that is not only quiet, but significantly more efficient that existing wind turbines. Modelled after a Nautilus […]

New Wind Power System Claims 70% Increase in Wind Speeds, Triple the Power Output

Mass Megawatts/Screen capture One wind technology company is taking a different approach to low wind speed power generation with its multi-axis turbines and what they call a wind “augmentation system”, which claims to increase the wind speed at the turbines and triple their power output. Mass Megawatts Wind Power, of Worcester, MA, says that combining […]

Largest Building-Integrated Wind Power System in U.S. Installed in Oklahoma City

© Venger Wind The largest building-integrated wind power system in the U.S. is now spinning on the roof of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), thanks to a collaboration between Venger Wind and SWG Energy. Venger Wind installed a series of 18 vertical axis wind turbines (their own V2 model) as a part of OMRF’s […]

Researchers Base New Wind Turbine Control System on Human Memory

Prices of wind power have been constantly decreasing of late, and now electricity from wind is almost as cheap as that from conventional fossil fuel power stations. It does however still suffer from the same problem of inconsistency. The wind just won’t play by the rules and blow 24 hours a day at a constant […]