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Renewable Resort: Greek Island To Run On Wind, Solar Power

Tilos will be a blueprint for other small islands in EU with limited grid connections to mainland When the blades of its 800-kilowatt wind turbine start turning, the small Greek island of Tilos will become the first in the Mediterranean to run exclusively on wind and solar power. The sea horse-shaped Greek island between Rhodes […]

Wind Turbines to See ‘Unprecedented’ Growth in Size and Capacity

Offshore turbine capacity will increase by orders of magnitude, finds a new report from MAKE Consulting. By: EMMA FOEHRINGER MERCHANT Onshore wind turbine size and capacity is on track to continue increasing at a steady pace, while offshore equipment will grow in leaps and jumps in the coming years, according to a recent note from MAKE Consulting on […]

How Drones Are Lowering the Cost of Clean Energy

By: Katie Fehrenbacher Hundreds of feet above a snow-covered field, a boxy black device covered in propellers hovers next to the enormous outstretched blade of a wind turbine. From a corner of the machine, a nozzle sprays a liquid across the surface of the blade in a rapid smooth zigzag motion like a rogue car wash […]

This New Fuel Cell Could Turbocharge Renewable Power

By: Robert F. Service Fuel cells are far greener than gas-powered engines because they produce electricity without burning up the hydrogen (or other fuel) that powers them. But they’re often impractical on a commercial scale because they’re so much more expensive to make. Now, researchers report that by creating a fuel cell that can run […]

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China Wants to Dominate the World’s Green Energy Markets

By: Chris G. Pope If there is to be an effective response to climate change, it will probably emanate from China. The geopolitical motivations are clear. Renewable energy is increasingly inevitable, and those that dominate the markets in these new technologies will likely have the most influence over the development patterns of the future. As other […]